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Avoiding #metoo in medicine - Blog

Here are some tips — learned through long experience. My hope is that they might help younger women in medicine feel less like potential victims, and more like strategists in a behavioral chess game.\
31/01/2018, Associate Professor Karen Sibert

Safe pediatric dental anesthesia: Is there any hope? - Blog

When you tell anyone in healthcare that “sedation” to the point of coma is given in dentists’ and oral surgeons’ offices every day, without a separate anesthesia professional present to give the medic
03/01/2018, Associate Professor Karen Sibert

Dr. Atul Gawande: “What are the outcomes that matter?” - Blog

The real surprise – to me, at least – came more than halfway through Dr. Atul Gawande’s keynote address at the opening session of the American Society of Anesthesiologists’ annual meeting in Boston.\n
30/10/2017, Associate Professor Karen Sibert

Just saying “no” to fentanyl - Blog

No, I’m not talking about putting fentanyl into my own veins — a remarkably bad idea. I’m questioning the habitual, reflex use of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, in clinical anesthesiology practice.\n I
18/10/2017, Associate Professor Karen Sibert

Who's welcome on the anesthesia care team? Depends whom you ask - Blog

“Who kicked whom off the anesthesia care team?” asked ASA President Jeff Plagenhoef, MD, FASA. Which professional association refuses to work amicably with the other, he inquired of his audience at th
20/09/2017, Associate Professor Karen Sibert

The Practical Art of POCUS - Blog

The longer you practice a profession, the easier it is not to bother to learn the next new thing. We may think we’re doing just fine without that new drug, or that new piece of expensive equipment. We
15/09/2017, Associate Professor Karen Sibert

On starting your career in anesthesia - Blog

Emory University held graduation ceremonies on August 5 for the 2017 Class of Anesthesiologist Assistants (AAs), who received Masters of Medical Science degrees. While the traditional academic regalia
23/08/2017, Associate Professor Karen Sibert

The art of deep extubation - Blog

Fair warning — this post is likely to be of interest only to professionals who administer anesthesia or may have to deal with laryngospasm in emergency situations.\n There are two schools of thought a
27/07/2017, Associate Professor Karen Sibert

MOC + MACRA + TJC + CMS = DRexit - Blog

I wish I knew who coined the term “DRexit” so I could send flowers or a bottle of whiskey as a thank-you gift. There couldn’t be a more perfect term to describe the growing exodus of physicians from o
19/06/2017, Associate Professor Karen Sibert

Watch out who you call "paternalistic" - Blog

My husband and I, both anesthesiologists, enjoy our Sunday mornings together - coffee, the New York Times, a leisurely breakfast. No rush to arrive in the operating room before many people are even aw
03/04/2017, Associate Professor Karen Sibert

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