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Cats Protecting Against Asthma - News

Contact with cats in early childhood reduces the risk of asthma by up to 80 percent for children carrying a genetically increased risk, according to the result of a Danish long-term study. Living with
09/01/2018, Aline Kostka

Diet Vows Or Diet Crimes? - News

Sweetener instead of sugar: those struggling with being overweight happily try to switchover to sugar-free products. Yet the body of data on aspartame is contradictory. Should one support patients in
04/07/2017, Aline Kostka

Mealtime Strikes The Stone Age - News

Paleo and LowCarb diets, in which carbohydrate intake is dramatically reduced, are in vogue. Now, however, current study results are delivering evidence that the completely opposite diet is the key to
10/01/2017, Aline Kostka

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