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Is Home Doppler a Safe Option During Pregnancy? - Blog

\n The first few months of pregnancy are a nervy and anxious time especially for first-time mothers and for women with a history of miscarriage. Once the embryo develops and becomes a fetus, many moth
23/03/2017, Pregistry staff

Healthy at work: "Occupational health management is a win-win situation" - Blog

\n Exercising, keeping fit, staying healthy as you age – modern lifestyle goals pursued by many. Another buzzword related to this lifestyle is work-life balance. But how can you maintain this balance
22/03/2017, MEDICA Tradefair

Sniffles + Ibuprofen = Heart Attack? - News

Having colds and taking nonsteroidal antirheumatics (NSA) are among the factors that increase the risk of heart attack. This risk can even increase by a factor of 7.2 if an NSA is taken during a respi
21/03/2017, Sonja Schmitzer

Trigeminal Neuralgia: Hands Off - News

Trigeminal neuralgia - for those affected this means violent unilateral facial pain. Not infrequently, it is accompanied by depressive moods. Chiropractic interventions promise quick relief without si
21/03/2017, Silke Kerscher-Hack

X-up & win!: Choose your winner - Blog

Our radiology competition "X-up & win!" has come to a close. Thank you to everyone who has participated and uploaded their best X-rays! Now it is up to you, the DocCheck Community, to de
15/03/2017, ECR Vienna

Flush out Your Excess Fat with Cryolipolysis Treatment - Blog

Are you tired of dieting and exercising without any viable results? This situation can be quite frustrating.\n Are you tired of dieting and exercising without any viable results? This situation can be
14/03/2017, Jack Smith

Osteoarthritis Pain: The Oops-Study - News

Tedec-Meiji Farma had certainly imagined a different picture! The Spanish company sponsored a study in order to examine the effectiveness of their product. The result: the placebo relieves osteoarthri
14/03/2017, Silke Kerscher-Hack

Pneumonia in Children: Ultrasound or X-Rays? - Blog

\n Pneumonia is the most frequent respiratory disease in children and can even cause death. That is why it is extremely important to make an accurate diagnosis as quickly as possible. If this requires
13/03/2017, MEDICA Tradefair

Physicians provide a value to society that cannot be cheapened - Blog

I walked into a patient’s room and noticed the hospital has supplied a fold up stool hung on the wall labeled “For Physicians.” I shrug. I take down the stool and open it up and seat it next to the pa
10/03/2017, Medical Doctor Jean Robey, M.D.

29 Inspiring Fitness Bloggers to Follow in 2017 - Blog

Are you selective about the fitness information you read? I hope so. The fitness industry is full of noise – lots of conflicting, potentially damaging information that’s better avoided. With so many p
09/03/2017, Tanya gim

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