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Philematology: Kissing And Telling In The Lab - News

At Christmas and on New Year's Eve, the frequency of kissing is particularly high. Kissing not only activates our reward system, it also produces long-lasting changes in the bacterial flora of the par
18/01/2017, Matthias Bastigkeit

Lose Yourself - Blog

Everybody knows that healthcare is way broken. And those who claim it isn’t are either financially dependent on the status quo, or are trapped in some medically-induced delirium.\n The days of Health
17/01/2017, ZDoggMD - Medical Satire

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Will Trump Destroy Healthcare for 20 million People? - Blog

U.S. Home Infusion Therapy Market size revenue to exceed USD 11.3 billion by 2023 - Blog

\n Global Home Infusion Therapy Market size was USD $13.2 billion in 2015 and will grow at CAGR 9% till the year 2023 due to increasing nosocomial infections and incidences of chronic disorders. Home
13/01/2017, Juee Kate

Do You know Your Chronic Back Pain Attracts More Pain ? - Blog

\n This can be an eye opener for many like you who have been avoiding their painful state for some time now. It can be a back pain or pain in neck or some other body part. You are strong enough to bea
13/01/2017, Interventional Pain center

Low (An Outpatient Clinic Jam) - Blog

Health 3.0 means inpatient and outpatient, acute and subacute and post acute and hospice, everything…the whole continuum of care integrated, communicating, seamless, in service of the patient and in s
12/01/2017, ZDoggMD - Medical Satire

7 Years (A Life In Medicine) - Blog

We are standing at a crossroads in healthcare. Behind us lies a long-lost, nostalgia-tinged world of unfettered physician autonomy, sacred doctor-patient relationships, and a laser-like focus on the a
12/01/2017, ZDoggMD - Medical Satire

Mealtime Strikes The Stone Age - News

Paleo and LowCarb diets, in which carbohydrate intake is dramatically reduced, are in vogue. Now, however, current study results are delivering evidence that the completely opposite diet is the key to
11/01/2017, Aline Kostka

When Fear Works Its Way Into The Body - News

People with generalised anxiety disorder constantly have exaggerated worries. Even children can suffer from it. Somatic symptoms often dominate the scope of attention - the condition itself is therefo
11/01/2017, Christine Amrhein

5 Tips to Move Closer to a Healthy and Strong Heart - Blog

\n Problems related to the heart are among the leading causes of death in people. In fact, it is the number one cause of mortality in human beings. Cardiovascular health is influenced by a number of f
10/01/2017, Erica Montes

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