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Cystitis: Blowing Away Antibiotics

Bladder infections occur commonly and are usually treated with antibiotics. Researchers have now deciphered how the bacteria change their shape in order to nestle deep within the bladder wall. This knowledge opens up new avenues for the treatment and prevention of more...

Article by Christine Amrhein

Diabetics In The Sleeper Position

Diabetics often have to fight not only with their blood sugar levels, but with problems in the bedroom as well. Sexual disorders are the most concomitant phenomenon which males and females with diabetes mellitus endure. And the group of sufferers is growing. more...

Article by Nicole Simon

Kidney Stones in Children and Teens

When children and teenagers have abdominal or stomach pains, most parents and many doctors don't think of kidney stones. An article by John Foreman, M.D. states that the "incidence of kidney stones is increasing dramatically, especially in teenagers." more...

Hydroxy-citrate: Can Kidney Stones Just Melt Away?

For 30 years, the approach used for the prevention of kidney stones has hardly changed. Now engineers have discovered a substance that helps to effectively prevent kidney stones. It not only inhibits the growth of the stones, but even dissolves them. more...

Article by Christine Amrhein

Flexikon Write Club

The Flexikon is all about medical knowledge. Get ready for the battle: We show you all the important tips and tricks to win the fight against ignorance! The principle of the Flexikon Write Club is simple: Participate – share your medical knowledge. But there are some more...

Article by Alexandra Schritz

NoFap: Pulling Out Of The Program

More virility, improved quality of life – young men are increasingly voluntarily going without masturbation. NoFap, an internet community, even wants to treat conditions such as erectile dysfunction. A critical look at the new phenomenon in the United States. more...

Routine district doctor’s work in a shelled city

A previously healthy 8-month old had unexplained fevers (39°C plus) for eight days. There was a diurnal variation - daily temperature hikes began at 3 am. It was found that the baby was in a chilly and damp area - and kidney infection in infants may be asymptomatic, more...

Blog entry by Oksana Zhurbij

Your turn: Be king of content!

Some of the DocCheck Services are now well known to everyone. But do you really know all of them? Or did you even know, that you can help shape the content actively? It’s quite simple – let’s try it out! more...

Article by Alexandra Schritz

Update erectile dysfunction: the little friend who won’t grow

Even among men well below 40 years of age a 'limp limb' is an often prevailing presence in the bedroom – erectile dysfunction is not limited to elderly patients. Alongside previously unknown risk factors, doctors have found new ways to treat the condition. more...

Donor affair: low tide in the seed bank?

So called donor children, children who were produced using heterologous insemination, have the right to know who their biological father is – a German court has decided. Putting aside some words of support expressed, many say that they know: the era of sperm donation more...

Article by Puran Falaturi
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