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Orthopaedics: A1 Once Again, Thanks To 3D

Three-dimensional printing techniques are revolutionising orthopaedics. All at once, entirely new pathways are opening up for colleagues in the treatment of complicated cases. Alongside artificial materials, biological materials are taking on a central role. more...

Trigeminal Neuralgia: Hands Off

Trigeminal neuralgia – for those affected this means violent unilateral facial pain. Not infrequently, it is accompanied by depressive moods. Chiropractic interventions promise quick relief without side effects. Experts criticise this approach. more...

Does Your Dogma Bite?

I love dogs. While dogs are great fun, playful, and wonderful companions, they can also chew your expensive new shoes to pieces or leave malodorous droppings in the house that you follow your nose to find. Dogma is much like this. more...

Blog entry by Steven Curley

Importance of Hope

I learn useful life lessons from each patient I meet. Some are positive messages, reminding me of the importance of maintaining balance between family, work, and leisure activities, but more frequently I witness examples of the remarkable resilience of the human spirit more...

Blog entry by Steven Curley, M.D.

Tissue Repair: Make Me a Salamander

Australian researchers have discovered a new technique for obtaining stem cells. With it they want to heal sick or injured tissue. Amphibians served as a model for the process, since they can easily regrow severed limbs. more...

Article by Irene Habich

Flexikon Write Club

The Flexikon is all about medical knowledge. Get ready for the battle: We show you all the important tips and tricks to win the fight against ignorance! The principle of the Flexikon Write Club is simple: Participate – share your medical knowledge. But there are some more...

Article by Alexandra Schritz

Running two ORs: Is it always wrong?

A surgeon can't be in two places at once. Yet surgeons often schedule two cases in separate ORs in the same timeframe. Is this a bad idea? Is it ever justified? There are arguments on both sides. In my experience, it can work surprisingly well! more...

Blog entry by Karen Sibert

Chronobiology: Clockwork Organs

Chronoprevention and chronotherapy are old topics, ones to which modern medicine is currently returning with a fresh mindset. One research team has now systematically listed previous findings on circadian rhythms of organs and diseases. more...

Article by Dunja Voos

Medical Technology: Printed And Sewn

More cost effective, faster to fit and more precisely fitting: more and more often doctors are implanting body parts produced by 3D printer in patients' bodies. The combination of living cells and biocompatible scaffolds should not only revolutionise regenerative more...

Article by Erich Lederer

The Hospital: Big Bed Is Watching You

In the hospital, life-threatening incidents can play themselves out beyond the walls of the ICU as well if a patient's condition deteriorates unexpectedly. New technology promises to create a bridge between and provide safeguards during the time between nurses' checks. more...

Article by Erich Lederer
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