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Radioactivity: Irradiating pearly-whites

Leaky cooling ponds, radioactivity in the soil and contaminated sea water: Fukushima has become the horror image of nuclear energy. Tooth analyses make an important contribution in estimating cancer risks. more...

Pediatric Dental Anesthesia: The Dental Board Gets It Wrong

I’m not a pediatric anesthesiologist. Most of us in anesthesiology, even those who take care of children in the operating room or the ICU every day, probably will never give anesthesia to a child in a dentist’s or oral surgeon’s office. So why should we care what more...

Blog entry by Karen Sibert

Flexikon Write Club

The Flexikon is all about medical knowledge. Get ready for the battle: We show you all the important tips and tricks to win the fight against ignorance! The principle of the Flexikon Write Club is simple: Participate – share your medical knowledge. But there are some more...

Article by Alexandra Schritz

5 Impediments to Placing Dental Implants

Implants restore chewing and speaking functions as before without compromising the health of adjacent teeth. They can last a lifetime if they’re taken care of the right way, which is why they’re the preferred choice of patients and dentists alike. more...

Blog entry by Mark Montie

Your turn: Be king of content!

Some of the DocCheck Services are now well known to everyone. But do you really know all of them? Or did you even know, that you can help shape the content actively? It’s quite simple – let’s try it out! more...

Article by Alexandra Schritz

Bisphenol A: Quietly Crumbles The Tooth Enamel

The plasticiser Bisphenol A (BPA) appears to be a real devil's tool. Now, scientists have been able to show that it can also damage tooth enamel permanently and irreversibly. more...

Article by Sonja Schmitzer

12,000 Clickable Medical Diagnoses

For DocCheck Pictures it all began in 2008 with the upload of the first medical images of diagnostic findings. Meanwhile the medical imaging community has come to include 12,000 recorded medical findings arriving from all medical disciplines. more...

Competition by Stefanie Bartsch

Become part of DocCheck News

We want you and your stories for DocCheck News! Become author and blog about your topics. more...

Article by Stefanie Bartsch

DocCheck Pictures: Show us what you got!

Do you have medical pictures which you would like to share with other physicians? Do you have exciting clinical findings from which others could learn? Then why not get started and upload your images on DocCheck Pictures? more...

Article by Stefanie Bartsch

Halitosis: Close your mouth, it pongs

Halitosis drives patients to social isolation. This does not need to be so: Contrary to popular preconceptions, most of the time simple actions lead to success. Only rarely does foul breath conceal a more serious disease. more...

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