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Running In The Summer: Are You Still Tight In The Intestine?

Runners are familiar with gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhoea and nausea. If runs are very long, they can have more serious consequences. Leaky-gut syndrome increases the permeability of the intestinal wall: bacterial lipopolysaccharides and toxins find their more...

Article by Sonja Schmitzer

Cancer Care In The Future

The future of cancer care will mean more cost-effective treatments, technology that improves outcomes (not just a shiny new hammer looking for a nail), a greater focus on improved prevention and screening, and a new mindset: A Surgical Oncologist's take on what I see more...

Blog entry by Steven Curley

Chocolate And Atrial Fibrillation

Eating chocolate has now been found to be beneficial not harmful for those who have atrial fibrillation. Any report should be carefully checked to see the length of the study and who did it. more...

The Surgical Executioner: Transplantation Of The Head

A neurosurgeon will be performing a head transplant at the end of the year. The head of a paralysed patient is supposed to be matched to a new body. "Is this still medical treatment?" is the question being asked not only by people, but now also by highly respected more...

Article by Erich Lederer

Oncology: The Suicide Metastasis

On average, cancer patients have a 60% higher suicide risk than non-affected persons. Compared to treatment using pharmacotherapy and radiation therapy, psycho-oncology is given low priority. American oncologists want to change that. more...

The Art Of Deep Extubation

It is quiet, elegant, and people who've seen it done properly often remark that they would prefer to wake from anesthesia that way, given the choice. There is art and logic to it, which I had the pleasure of learning from British anesthesiologists at the Yale more...

Blog entry by Karen Sibert

Calcium Scan And Subtractive Medicine

A calcium scan is a nifty test, not because it improves outcomes but because it changes management, specifically when there is zero calcium. It does this by so lowering the patient's risk profile that they no longer meet the risk threshold deemed by the AHA, and more...

Blog entry by Saurabh Jha

Depression: The Pleasure Pacemaker

For patients with severe treatment-resistant depression, there may soon be a new treatment option. In one four-year study, seven out of eight patients benefited from deep brain stimulation. Four of the patients were cured. more...

Article by Sonja Schmitzer

Temple Viper Knocks Out Aspirin

A substance derived from the poison of the temple viper could be employed against circulatory disorders, heart attacks and strokes instead of using antiplatelets. Its special feature: it works, without leading to increased bleeding tendency. more...

Article by Christine Amrhein

Doctors Are In The Way Of Progress. And Thank God They Are.

Doctors are in the way. They are muddying the new world order. I stand ready as a proponent of careful, compassionate care in the middle of a noisy street. I feel tired each day to execute the needed measures and still deliver the thoughtful, heartfelt elements. more...

Blog entry by Jean Robey, M.D.
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