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Microbiome: Purposeful Factory Farming

Researchers trace asthma, type 1 diabetes and allergies back to genetic risk and environmental causal factors. Many studies show how important the intestinal microbiome is in this context. Instead of ending up receiving delayed treatment, it's worth protecting our more...

Flexikon Write Club

The Flexikon is all about medical knowledge. Get ready for the battle: We show you all the important tips and tricks to win the fight against ignorance! The principle of the Flexikon Write Club is simple: Participate – share your medical knowledge. But there are some more...

Article by Alexandra Schritz

Insulin Therapy: Finally a New Beta Version

Half a year or more without insulin injections – for many type 1 diabetics something hardly imaginable. It's precisely this scenario that American researchers want to bring to reality and to envelop beta cells in an algal polymer. Success with the method would not more...

EDCs: The Hormone’s Disturber

Experts from the Endocrine Society warn about health problems due to chemicals that have effects on the endocrine system. These are said to be guilty of causing not only many common medical conditions. Exposure during prenatal and early postnatal development is also more...

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