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A hospitalist at Stanford for almost 10 years, ZDoggMD (AKA Dr. Zubin Damania) is a physician, off-white rapper, and the founder of Turntable Health. He’s not a businessman. He’s a business, man. OK we stole that line from Jay-Z but you get the idea. Apart from


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Musings about life in medicine and work life balance. The good, the bad, and the need to keep it all in perspective. more...


I practice anesthesiology for high-risk adults in Los Angeles. As an English major with a background in journalism, I take a keen interest in the intersection of politics and medicine. Folly and illogic in today's American medicine are topics of endless wonder--take more...


Knowing how to get the best medical care is a world-wide concern. If your medical care is provided by the government, private insurance, or is fee for service, it is important to be able to know you and your family are receiving the best possible care. Far too many more...


A blog providing Health related Useful information more...

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Pediatric dental anesthesia: The Dental Board gets it wrong
Jan 17, 2017

I’m not a pediatric anesthesiologist. Most of us in anesthesiology, even those who take care of more

Bariatric Surgery's Downstream Effects
Dec 12, 2016

Bariatric surgery is a highly effective method for weight loss compared to other interventions l more

Michael Porter at the ASA: Is anesthesiology a specialist silo?
Dec 6, 2016

“I’m your friend,” Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter, MBA, PhD, told a sometimes more


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