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A cardiology fellow's take on the world of medicine, particularly with regards to the doctor-patient relationship. more...


I practice anesthesiology for high-risk adults in Los Angeles. As an English major with a background in journalism, I take a keen interest in the intersection of politics and medicine. Folly and illogic in today's American medicine are topics of endless wonder--take more...


An American MD/PhD student's perspective on science, medicine, and the world. more...


I’m Shirie Leng, an anesthesiologist. I have worked in health care both as a nurse and as a doctor for 15 years. The health care industry is just that, an industry. As such it doesn’t have a whole lot of concern for the “customer”. I write about the processes, more...

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The Peek and Shriek Post is a healthcare blog founded by Mario Nacinovich. The blog offers original content and covers relevant and timely topics across the healthcare spectrum. more...


A biologist’s take on scientific advances and breakthroughs in the understanding and treatment of human disease. more...


A little thing to read through: Appendix focuses on innovations and oddities from the world of medicine; contributions are short and sharp. If you have discovered something new and exciting in your field, write or tweet me. I appreciate every tip. more...

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Watch out who you call "paternalistic"
Apr 11, 2017

My husband and I, both anesthesiologists, enjoy our Sunday mornings together - coffee, the New Y more

The boards have exceeded their bounds
Apr 3, 2017

In the interests of full disclosure, I acknowledge with delight that I have a non-time limited b more

The complexity of the white coat
Jan 24, 2017

I remembered staring at the computer screen with the radiologist hoping that by staring at the i more


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