PR: Air Next: sharing spirometry data for better treatment


Some diseases require close, permanent control of the patient, especially if they are chronic and, if unchecked, potentially dangerous, like some lung diseases. Monitoring them is quite cumbersome, because patients regularly need to visit their physician or a hospital. Wireless devices for home measurements offer at least some comfort and relieve to patients.

In this interview with, Lorenzo Consoli talks about the handheld wireless spirometer Air Next that uses cloud technology to connect patients with lung diseases to their physicians. He also tells us what chances the MEDICA START-UP PARK, taking place at MEDICA from 12-15 November 2018, offers young companies in medical technology.

Mr. Consoli, what is Air Next? And what is the idea behind this product?

Lorenzo Consoli: Air Next from NUVOAir is a handheld wireless spirometer connected via bluetooth low energy technology to a smartphone or tablet. A spirometer is a medical device used to diagnose respiratory conditions and to monitor the progress of those conditions over time. Air Next can measure all the parameters that a professional spirometer can measure, such as FEV1, FVC, PEF, at a fraction of the cost. ...

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Article last time updated on 24.09.2018.

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