PR: Back pain: The research project "Ran Rücken" is intended to help


About eight in ten Germans suffer from back pain during their lifetime. Too much or the wrong movements can also cause problems. "Ran Rücken", the interdisciplinary research project aims to determine the right minimum dose of exercise that proves effective. (Explanatory note: “Ran Rücken” can be loosely translated as "Target the Back")

In this interview, project director and sports medicine specialist Professor Frank Mayer M.D. talks about non-specific back pain, sensorimotor training and the creation of successful synergies.

Why do so many people have back problems?

Prof. Frank Mayer:
Lack of exercise can certainly be an important factor, though there is a number of possible reasons. It’s crucial to counterbalance the external forces that are acting on the trunk and spine, which is generally handled by well-trained muscles. Back pain is more likely if this is not the case. ...

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Article last time updated on 11.09.2018.

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