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People who are into sports and dancing know how important stretching exercises are. They help gain the necessary flexibility to perform different exercises, relax muscles after training and bring numerous benefits to our health and body.

Any average stretching exercise routine needs to include the neck too. Although the limbs usually work the hardest, the neck is a very important part of the body as well. Why is it necessary to stretch our neck and how to do it right? Let us find out!

Support Your Support

The muscles of the neck work constantly to enable our proper function of our body. Their work not only helps the head rotate and bend but they also help to hold it up. This is why you can feel neck pain and tension after a day in the office (or any other work requiring concentration). Our neck muscles are hard workers and are often underestimated and left without the attention they deserve.

The pain in the neck can also occur after sleeping in an uncomfortable position. It is also important in sports when your exercises require holding your head still or watching some object attentively. Our neck is our support and we must take proper care of it.

How to Stretch Your Neck Properly

Stretching your neck is not difficult at all. Here are the main principles to follow:

Best Exercises to Stretch Your Neck

  1. Stand up. Lock your fingers behind your head. Gently push on your head down to make it bend. Your goal is to touch your chest with your chin. Hold your spine straight and your shoulders still.

  2. Stand up. Put your right hand behind your head and make it bend forward and then to the right. Your goal is to touch your right shoulder with your chin.

  3. Stand up. Lock your fingers on your forehead. Gently push on your head to lean it back. Hold your shoulders still and pull your chin up.

  4. Stand up. Put your right hand on your forehead. Pull your hand to bend the head back and then to the right shoulder.

The key point in stretching neck muscles is movement in direction opposite to where it usually moves. Do these exercises as a part of your stretching routine or anytime you feel pain and discomfort in your neck.  


Article last time updated on 31.08.2018.

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