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Heard about slipped disc?

Slipped disc has become one of the most common problems in today’s time. Our spinal cord is made up of various bones called as vertebrates. They are sacked upon each other in a top to bottom series. The column has in total 7 bones in cervical spine, 5 bones in lumbar spine and 12 bones in thoracic spine. The coccyx and sacrum makes the base. The gaps between these bones are cushioned by the discs. Various activities like walking, jumping and lifting causes jerk in the spinal cord and these jerks are absorbed by these discs.

Causes of slipped Disc

There are various reasons or causes for a slipped disc to occur. It is generally related to the process of disc degeneration due to natural aging process. The spinal cord is subjected to wear and tear over a period of time. The cushioning and water content of discs also tend to degrade over a period of time giving rise to the problem of slipped disc. Keep reading on for some more causes of slipped disc:




The most vulnerable parts to develop a slipped disc are the flexible areas like the cervical area or the lower back area. Techniques such as X Ray, MRI or CT Scans are used to determine the intensity of the problem.

Symptoms of Slipped Disc

Slipped disc can occur in any part of the spinal cord which stretches from the neck to the lower back. The entire spinal cord is a delicate and complex structure in the body. A slipped disc can generate complications if not treated on correct time. An extra pressure is placed on the muscles in case of a slipped disc. The various symptoms of slipped disc are:

These symptoms are completely subjective and can vary from person to person. You are advised to consult the doctor as soon as you feel any sort of numbness or tingling effect in your legs or arms or any kind of sudden weakness in muscles.

Though slipped disc is a very common term now a days but if not taken and treat seriously can cause serious damages to the body. The spinal cord is the foundation on which a person can sit walk and run. Many a time’s injection for pain is also prescribed by the doctor. Specialist can analyze the problem so that the person can get proper treatment that can cure pain.

Article last time updated on 29.08.2018.

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