PR: Is It Possible to Be a Coffee Maniac and Have White Teeth at the Same Time?



Coffee is not just an average drink. It is an art, passion and a sacred ritual for many people. Its fantastic smell, pleasant bitterness and ability to wake up the sleepy mind has created a true cult following. The more you drink – the more you want. Still, everything has its dark side.

Paint It… Yellow!

Not only is it possible to get addicted to coffee, overtime you will need a bigger dose to wake up. Your teeth will start to look worse and worse with every cup. A yellow or even brown color is apparently not the shade you want for them but coffee doesn’t ask you what to do with them; it just dyes your enamel unapologetically.

What to do then? To stop drinking coffee? To stop smiling? It is possible to preserve the color of your teeth and enjoy your favorite drink with a few simple steps, which are definitely worth it. Here are tips how to preserve your white teeth and still drink coffee.

What If You Still Don’t Like the Result?

There are different individual issues in dental enamel color and ability to preserve it. If you are not lucky to inherit snow-white teeth with the extreme resistance to discoloration, maybe you need a professional whitening procedure to be satisfied. Still, taking daily care of your teeth is important regardless your genetic and lifestyle issues.


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Article last time updated on 28.08.2018.

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