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One of the best ways to stay healthy, keep weight down, and enjoy a well-balanced lifestyle is to incorporate fitness into your weekly schedule. As a child growing up, I took part in a variety of outdoor adventures and sports to stay active and fit. While my current lines of work require me to spend a lot of time seated, I try to incorporate movement and physical activities throughout the day.
In my opinion, I feel it's important to have a varied and fun line of activities in fitness. While it may be someone's priority to do the most strenuous and effective exercises to make the best use of time, for some people like myself, that may not be the answer for a great fitness routine. To me, exercise and energy-exerting activities are more effective when I'm enjoying myself as opposed to tiring out my body without any feelings of content and happiness.
As someone who tries to stick to physical activities that I find fun and enjoyable, I don't take part in much running or weight lifting. While those activities could fit in well for my weekly fitness routine, scheduling these activities on a consistent basis would be something that would ruin my personal preferences and make physical exercise a burden as opposed to the gratifying activity it should be.
The main activity I do at all times of the day is stair climbing. While I do not schedule in a particular time to climb stairs, they are around me wherever I go and are always a preferred option when possible. Whether I'm at home, work, school, out on the town, or other venues, climbing stairs at a rapid pace as opposed to leisurely climbing the steps is something that adds up over time for my overall wellbeing.
The main sport I take part in is badminton, a sport I've played for eight years. As I try to fit in this sport anywhere from two to four sessions a week for about 3 hours each, this sport requires me to run, hit, and move around like nonstop and give me a great workout. Instead of tiring myself out for other important activities during the week, I make sure not to overexert myself in any one session and not play too much each week.
By combining all of these various physical activities into my life, I've noticed that I've stayed relatively healthy and physically active. Being physically active has always been something that my body has been accustomed to and by sometimes changing the routine around, I'm able to give my body activity it needs to have a healthy mind and body.

Article last time updated on 28.08.2018.

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