Understanding The Important Functions of The Human Brain


How does the human brain works and what are its major functions? Learn more about the functioning of the human brain.

The human brain is an extremely complex organ of your body and is composed of the following major parts:





The 3 Levels of Awareness Within The Human Mind


Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist gave the theory of ‘Freud’s Model of the Human Mind’ which divided the human brain into 3 levels:





Impact of Drugs on Human Brain


Drugs affect the overall functioning of the brain and the central nervous system. Brain areas that are impacted by the drugs include:



Faith based drug rehab treatment has been found to be extremely successful in treating drug abuse.


Impact of Emotions on Human Brain


Emotions directly influence our thoughts, interactions and overall behavior. Brain and its complex processes play a role in manipulating your emotions. The following brain chemicals dictate your mood:





The human brain is controlled by billions of nerve fibres. It is extremely complicated to understand the functioning of the human brain as a whole.


Article last time updated on 18.07.2018.

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