Muscle Building Without Special Nutritional Supplements


Everyone knows how many new products of sports nutrition that are known to help gain muscle mass faster constantly appear on the market, but what if the financial situation does not allow buying expensive sports nutrition? The cost of a full range of important additives is about $ 200-300 per month, that is not an affordable luxury for many. For beginners, sports nutrition is an unnecessary aspect of nutrition, as a  balanced diet and natural nutrition are the only things for successful muscle building.

Natural food for muscles grow

Remember, to make your muscle grow you need protein, without it all efforts are in vain. When it enters the body, the protein breaks up into amino acids, which get into the muscle tissue make it thicker, that means the muscles grow. In the process of high-intensity training, the muscle fibers are broken off receiving microtraumas, and the protein heals them. A very important rule is that the protein is well absorbed by carbohydrates, without them the process goes worse. In other words, eating chicken breast at the same time with  macaroni, rice, oatmeal, buckwheat and other types of carbohydrates is impossible.

Breakfast is the most important meal, therefore tea with biscuits will not dot the best, you need to try to maximize your protein and carbohydrates. Boil eggs, for example. On dinner, you also need to consume protein and carbohydrates, and after the training - give 60% carbohydrates, 40% protein and 10% fat, on days off, dinner should be - 60% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 10% fat.

Actively eat fish, especially tuna, salmon, pollock, hake - they contain a decent proportion of protein and have omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.

Eat  5-6 times a day, dividing food into small portions, so you do not overload your stomach and ensure the constant supply of nutrients to muscle tissue.

Milk is an excellent substitute for protein and much cheaper. Just imagine, 100 ml of milk contains   up to 90 grams of protein! Choose milk only 1.5% fat, maximum 2.5% to get a quality weight muscle gain without gaining fat.

Cottage cheese is an excellent protein to eat before bedtime. Eating 150 grams of cottage cheese in the evening protects the muscles from the destructive effects of hunger and catabolic processes. Muscles grow at night, recovering from the loads, at this time they need the building material, that's where the cottage cheese will come to the rescue.


Try to ensure the full supply of useful products in the body and you will see that the muscles will change, the girls will round the buttocks and make the legs attractive, and the guys will increase their arms and chest. So, you see that supplements, having many side effects,  are not usually necessary thing in muscle growing. If you want to be healthy, there are other less health harmful ways to get the body you desire.

Article last time updated on 02.07.2018.

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