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Vitiligo is a violation of pigmentation, expressed in the disappearance of the pigment melanin in certain areas of the skin. It occurs on the skin, presumably as a result of the action of certain medicinal and chemical substances, neurotrophic, neuroendocrine and autoimmune factors of melanogenesis, as well as after inflammatory and necrotic processes on the skin. Predisposition to vitiligo can be inherited. It is believed that it does not threaten life and health. But it is not so. Maybe there is no threat to life, but the damage to health is obvious. After all, vitiligo is more than a visual reminder of serious violations in the body, and, of course, it is not only an unpleasant cosmetic defect. It is extremely difficult to treat vitiligo because it's a disease of the whole body, not just the skin. And most of the existing techniques are aimed at eliminating skin manifestations of the disease but do not treat internal organs.

How to cope with vitiligo?

Official medicine:

1.Skin irradiation with ultraviolet rays

Official medicine treats vitiligo by irradiating the skin with ultraviolet rays, first raising its sensitivity to light with special photosensitizing drugs. So it is possible to get rid of the external outbreaks of the disease for a while, but it is still impossible to eradicate the disease.


2. Irradiation with a helium-neon laser. With accurate dosages, the method provides high efficacy without adverse reactions, significantly shortens treatment time and limits contraindications. The laser concentrates light energy in different parameters, allowing to act locally to the level of cells.


3. The use of vitamins for vitiligo is one of the most important stages in the fight against the disease. In addition, the use of vitamins D, B12, C, zinc and copper is the safest method in comparison with medical procedures.


4. Dermatologists strongly advise protecting their skin from the direct action of sunlight. For this, it is allowed to apply a photoprotective cream, which is applied to the exposed skin before going out.

Alternative  medicine:

1. Squeeze fresh juice from the roots of parsnip and immediately rub it into white spots. It must be rubbed into discolored spots once a day and followed by a session of solar irradiation. The medical courses repeat with weekly breaks throughout the summer season.

2. Aloe leaves, previously withstood 10-12 days in a dark and cold place, crushed and mixed with cold water in a proportion of 1: 5 wipe white stains with infusion.


Although vitiligo can’t be treated, there are also several ways how to camouflage the white places on your body. There are special creams, makeup produces specially for this kind of skin and sunless tanning lotions.

Article last time updated on 28.06.2018.

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