PR: Cervical Cysts: Are All of Them Dangerous?


Cervical cysts is a very common thing in women during their reproductive age. Those cysts are cavitary lesions filled with fluid. They appear in the cervical cavity or on the outer surface of the cervix. A tumor-like formation is often filled with hemorrhagic or serous fluid.

Very often, the presence of cysts in a woman’s body does not reveal itself by any symptoms. Women live with cysts for years without knowing about their existence.  This way, they perform their harmful influence silently. The cysts can be a serious obstacle for the performance of the reproductive function and may inflame with the abscess formation.

Still, there are some symptoms that can warn you about the cyst present in your body. These are pelvic pains, bleedings between periods, pathological vaginal discharge and dyspareunia. If there is an inflammatory process developing, the discharge will gets severe and may be accompanied with a fever.

There are several types of cervical cysts. The nabothian cyst (also called a retention cyst) appears because the nabothian gland get plumbed with epithelial cells or thickened mucus. The fluid gathers inside the formation. These cysts usually have a light yellow color and their growth multiplies.

The endometrial cysts have a crimson or chocolate color. They appear because of endometriosis – the growth and functioning of endometrial cells on the uterine surface. They are not supposed to be there, and are normally located inside the uterus.

The cysts themselves are not dangerous for a woman’s body, but their complications are. They can cause infertility, purulent processes or deformation of the uterus and cervix. If a woman has cervical cysts, she must be under constant control of a gynecologist. It will help solve the problems in time and preserve her health and fertility.

Article last time updated on 14.06.2018.

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