What is the best stem cell centers for liver cirrhosis in India ?


According to Centre for Disease Control (CDC) Atlanta, more than 1 billion people
are suffering with liver issues all over the world. Experts suggest that liver failure is the last stage of liver damage, when it loses half of its functional capacity. According to the stage of damage, liver failure is categorized into either chronic liver damage or acute liver damage. It is to be noted that both of these stages can be life threatening if left untreated or ignored for a longer period of time. 
Although, symptoms of liver failure or liver damage are difficult to distinguish from other conditions, doctors generally prefer diagnostic tests to confirm liver failure. 
Chronic Liver Failure
Chronic liver failure is one of the most common forms of liver damage that is always characterized with a condition that slowly develops due to incremental damage to the liver over the period of time. The condition can trigger slow degradation of liver function. 
Some of the early consequences of chronic liver failure can be sporadic liver inflammation, fibrosis, as well as liver cirrhosis. These conditions can cause mild to moderate liver scarring, wherein healthy and functional liver cells are replaced with dead or damaged ones; thus, reducing the functions. 
Acute Liver failure
Acute liver failure is a much speedy process that can damage your liver extensively initiating functional impairment in less than 48 hours. Some of the common causes of acute liver failure can be medicinal overdose, as well as antibiotic overconsumption. Overdose of some herbal supplements can as well induce toxicity in liver. 
It is to be noted that both acute and chronic forms of liver failure can be distinguished on the basis of different time frame, and if ignored for a longer period of time can give rise to many critical issues. Some of the basic symptoms of both of these forms of liver failure can be noted as:
Loss of appetite
Swelling in abdomen, abdominal tenderness and pain
Dark colored, highly concentrated urine
Frequent diarrhea
Feces that are pale in color
Persistent itching in the skin
Constant muscles and joint pain
If symptoms of liver diseases ignored for a longer period of time, it can give rise to many serious complications. Some of the most common signs and symptoms of liver issues can be noted as:
Jaundice or yellow skin
Easy bleeding and bruising
Fluid accumulation in the legs and abdomen
Mental confusion
Extreme fatigue
Liver failure is diagnosed on the basis of 
Family history of liver diseases
Addictions like heavy alcohol consumption, smoking, junk food, etc. 
Any overdose of medications or steroids
Elevated levels of cholesterols and triglycerides
Regular exposure to certain chemicals in the workspace.
Although, currently no treatment is available for liver failure through conventional medicine, modern medicine has definitive solution, in the context of
stem cell therapy. Due to technological advancements and increase in the scientific understanding, stem cells can be exploited from body’s own autologous sources, and can be used to replace dead or damaged liver cells with healthy, functional one through differentiation capability of stem cells. This way liver function can be restored to the great extent, avoiding the need for liver transplant. There are many treatment centers available in India, but it is important to know, what is the best treatment centre for liver cirrhosis in India; depending upon the expertise and technological availability. 

Article last time updated on 14.06.2018.

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