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A perfectly aligned and fitting tooth is sure to paint your face with the most alluring smile. Such a smile is sure to win you hearts. Hence, it is only natural for people with disarranged teeth, to seek out all available teeth straightening options.

It is true post procedure your teeth are easier to maintain and enjoy a healthier life in the long-run. Although, during the treatment process, your teeth remain vulnerable to various risks.

Old School Orthodontic Braces

Traditional braces are very effective to teeth straightening, but that doesn't absolve them of the wide range of cons that come along with them. The classic braces, both the metal ones and the new invisible ones, with their wires and brackets pose alarming threats to your inner mouth. Your inner cheek, lips and gums are at a continuous risk of wounds and injuries. The treatment process involves adjustment of your braces that may include tightening of your wires with a greater tension; this particular process can erode your enamel, putting your teeth at the risk of tooth decay. Additionally, the wires and brackets make teeth cleaning process all the more difficult for you, especially, as the food gets stuck between these wires and brackets, increasing the potential of bacterial growth and gum diseases.

The patients with traditional dental braces receive specific instruction from dentists on how to clean and maintain the braces and teeth whilst the treatment procedure is ongoing. Patients are also encouraged for routine visits to dentists for a better monitoring of their orthodontic status.

Invisalign Braces

To the new patients arriving at dental clinic, looking forward to straighten their teeth and enhance their facial aesthetics, we look forward to offer them invisalign braces that carry none of the disadvantages of a traditional orthodontic brace. Invisible braces employ an entirely innovative technique of bracing that includes a tray structured in the impression of your teeth. These clear and transparent trays fit perfectly against your teeth to shift them into desired position, applying gentle, but precise pressure.

These braces are not only superiorly comfortable as compared to traditional braces, but are also easily removable whilst eating and cleaning your teeth. Comfort and convenience are the two founding ideologies of the clear aligners.

If you are living in Wimpole Street, London, hoping to achieve teeth straightening without the hassle of invisible brace, you can visit the Wimpole Street dentist, and enquire for the teeth straightening in London.

Article last time updated on 11.06.2018.

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