Autism-Where are we now?


Autism research continues but for families it is not fast enough. The genetic aspect is not given enough emphasis.

Parents  who have an autistic child or one on the Autism spectrum want answers and they are tired of waiting. Why is there such a tremendous increase in the numbers of kids who are diagnosed with these disorders? As one grandparent of an autistic child said, "All of my friends, who are grandparents, either have an autistic grandchild or have friends with one." One grandparent, I know, has an autistic grandchild in the families of 3 of her four children. 

Those who put the blame on vaccines believe they are the cause since the number of immunizations given to kids these days has markedly increased. I agree that thirty-six seems like a great number, but according to several well documented studies, here and in England, the vaccines do not cause autism. One of the speakers on TV, an actress, who has an autistic child repeatedly said that the mercury in the vaccines causes autism. A pediatrician stated that there is no more mercury in vaccines now than in the air.

The genetic basis for autism still seems to be given little weight. Yet I have  met families where there is an autistic child in each branch of the family: aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters. Certainly genetics plays a part  as many as two-thirds of the families.

There was a case in the U.S. several years ago  of  Hannah Poling. The parents were awarded a large sum of money from the U.S. Vaccine Injury Compensation program.  Dr. Salvatore DiMauro,  one of the world's experts in her underlying disorder, and whom I have  heard speak many times says "There is no evidence that children with mitochrondial enzyme deficiencies are worsened by vaccines." Apparently after not holding a hearing or having experts testify, the Polings were awarded the money.  This set a most unfortunate precedent. I think money should be used for research, not to line lawyers' pockets. They will be the ones to profit from this decision. Many children will go unvaccinated and some will die because of it.



Article last time updated on 03.06.2018.

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