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Enjoying sex after turning 60.

Men whose ages are older than 60 years are really enjoying sex. This may seem surprising to you, but it is absolutely true. Statistics have shown that over 50% of men who are above 60 years of age are deeply involved in sexual intercourse.
Data revealed that 22% of men in this category engage in sexual activity at least once per week, 28% perform sexual activity once per month while 39% want more.

Findings have also shown that many men are unable to perform sexually due to medical problems, such as heart disease. Besides, many of them suffer from erectile dysfunction.  It is also obvious that many men in this category don’t find sex appealing as they once did.

Based on these findings, it is advisable that men who fall into this category should not get too worried about their sexual lifestyle because sex is what they too can look forward to.

Sex above 60 Years and Its Upsides
Studies have shown that when men who are older than 60 years engage in sexual intercourse, their overall health improves. This is because they will take their overall appearance more seriously, eat better diet and do regular exercise.
Men at this age get to know their body in new ways because their experience with sex now is quite different from what it used to be then. They don’t perform sexual act often and when they do, it doesn’t last for a long time.

This is the reason why healthy lifestyle is essential. Habits like smoking and taking alcohol should be avoided by men of this group because it lowers their sexual desire and performance. Besides, healthy diet, rest and regular exercise are healthy lifestyles that should be adopted.

When Men Older Than 60 Are No Longer Interested In Sex
Many men at this age are no longer passionate in having sex due to a number of reasons. The death of a partner is a prominent reason and many men have avoided getting intimate with someone else after such occurrence. Such men should endeavor to get over this situation.

There are some men who never enjoyed sex in the first place. They engage in it because simply for procreation and because their spouses expect it from them. At a point, they may consider sex an un-important issue.

Other reasons why sex is no longer appealing to men above 60 are due to medical issues and side effects of medications.

All these have adverse effects on men as many are left with depression.  You need to get back on track; it is advisable you seek professional counseling. You can also discuss this with your doctor who will offer several solutions to you.

How to Naturally Rejuvenate Sex Lives of Men Older Than 60

There are natural methods that men in this category can adopt to rejuvenate their sex lives.

Taking care of themselves is a great factor. Men should avoid being overweight as this makes sex less enjoyable. Besides, the role of good diet and exercise cannot be under-estimated. There are natural foods that boost libido while there are some exercises that build sexual stamina. Men in this category should start considering this. You can consult a dietician to help you plan healthier meals. You need discipline and commitment to achieve these lifestyle changes.

You can also consider changing location where sex takes place. Besides the home, you can go on vacation or consider some romantic venues. Even at home, changing rooms for sex can perform the magic.

You can read books on the topic and explore various sex positions. Besides, communication with your partner on more effective ways to boost your interest will work wonders.

Furthermore, there are herbal pills crafted from natural sources which can enhance your sex life. However, you should consult your doctor before using them.

Maintaining Your Sex Drive as You Age
It is normal that the urge for sex diminishes with age. This is why it is highly important that men that are older than 60 years maintain their sex drive. You can achieve this by:

Remember that age is merely a number. Above 60, you can enjoy fulfilling and satisfying sex just like a man in his 40s. Consider your lifestyle and make changes where appropriate. It is only then you can increase your sex drive, even as you grow older.

Article last time updated on 22.05.2018.

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