PR: Are Foot Corns Really Harmless?


A foot corn is a layer of skin on our feet hardened by the influence of various factors. The skin layers consist of dead cells being under constant pressure. They occur because of the systemic mechanic irritation of our feets skin.


A constant rubbing interferes with the normal blood circulation in this area and makes the problem worse. Perhaps everyone has experienced this after walking in a new pair of shoes, for example. Still, if feet corns appear constantly, it is a warning sign.

Among mechanic factors, the appearance of feet corns may warn about some pathologies in a human body. For example, people with flat feet often experience it because of the wrong weight balance while walking.

Still, there are some other causative factors connected with health pathologies. Among such is obesity, and, as a result, overwhelming pressure over the feet. In this case, a proper weight management will help to cope with the problem.

Sometimes foot corns may appear because of even more serious diseases. Endocrine, cardiovascular and liver diseases may provoke their active appearance. Anyway, if the problem occurs often, the Manhattan Foot Specialists recommend undergoing a full health diagnostic.

The treatment of feet corn depends much on the reasons for their appearance. If the reason is uncomfortable footwear or physical strain on your feet, then you should let them rest. Never buy shoes that are too tight, no matter how fancy they look.

If the problem appeared because of bone deformation, consult an orthopedist. You may need special treatment if you are diagnosed with a foot pathology. In cases with flat feet, special footwear and insoles are required.

Never try to get rid of foot corns at home. You can damage yourself or insert an infection. Visit a podiatrist instead. The procedure of foot corn removal is very common and you can be sure that the doctor will do it safely. Besides, the specialist will examine your feet and give you a professional consultation about your problem.


Article last time updated on 25.05.2018.

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