Poisoning food or alcohol on vacation: what to do?


The season of picnics and holidays began, and with it, the risk of food poisoning increased. In the heat, food spoils much faster, and if also you did not fry meat for the shish kebab or poorly washed vegetables, then the long-awaited vacation in nature can result in vomiting, diarrhea (diarrhea), etc.
What to do with food poisoning
If after eating food there was a pain in the stomach, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, then you need to urgently provide medical assistance. Especially if, in addition to these symptoms, body temperature rose above 38 degrees, and chills began: such signs indicate a serious intestinal infection. But if you are away from a medical institution, you will have to act on your own until an ambulance arrives or you can turn to specialists.
If there is no vomiting, then it can be called: so you can prevent the absorption of dangerous food. If a person is already vomiting, then he should be given a drink of clean water to rinse the stomach.
Going to nature, take with you a first aid kit with adsorbents - activated charcoal, etc., mineral water (preferably without gas), so that the poisoned person drank a lot and avoided dehydration, rehydration preparations - powders that are diluted with water and used to restore water-electrolyte balance during vomiting and diarrhea. Also have on hand antispasmodics and painkillers, antipyretic drugs and enzymes to improve the digestion of food, if someone in the company resells, and will feel the heaviness in the stomach.
How to remove alcohol intoxication
Often resting in nature, people get not only food but also alcohol poisoning. In case of alcohol poisoning, you should act as well as during food poisoning: induce vomiting if it is not present and rinse the stomach well with the affected person if vomiting has already begun. When alcohol poisoning also should drink more liquid to avoid dehydration and more likely to remove toxins from the body, take adsorbents. When vomiting has stopped, you can drink strong black tea.
If you have already returned home, it has become better for a person, then to restore strength will help decoction of dogrose, orange juice, which will fill the vitamin C deficiency, which is destroyed by the action of alcohol. Finding a person who has been poisoned by alcohol in the open air will help saturate the brain with oxygen and improve the condition

Article last time updated on 14.05.2018.

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