PR: A startup makes melanin glow: skin cancer diagnostics with Magnosco


When a skin lesion is suspected to exhibit malignant changes, it is usually promptly removed. However, not all cases require an excision of the affected tissue. The startup company Magnosco has developed a procedure that uses a laser to support the diagnosis and early detection of malignant melanoma.

In this interview with, Inga Bergen explains how the method that Magnosco developed is used for early detection, describes the doctors and patients who can benefit from it and reveals the future plans of Magnosco GmbH.

Ms. Bergen, how does Magnosco’s method enable the early detection of skin cancer?

Inga Bergen: Our procedure uses laser spectroscopy and artificial intelligence. We use a laser beam to stimulate the melanin of the skin to glow and record its reflection. Via an algorithm, we use the resulting pattern to calculate the probability of tissue disease. This lets us calculate a score that indicates whether the tissue is benign or malignant. This is an easy-to-use procedure because you get a score at the end and don’t have to interpret an image you obtained through medical imaging techniques. ...

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Image copyright: Magnosco

Article last time updated on 09.04.2018.

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