How to Overcome The Condition Of Low Testosterone


When most people think about the declining testosterone levels in men, they assume that it is age-related. However, there are men as young as 30 years old who suffer from it.


It is a medical condition that causes your body not to produce testosterone. It is critical to men as it is a hormone responsible for male characteristics. This article will highlight what you need to get your hormone level to an optimum level.


Testosterone affects men in various ways. To begin with, the endocrine system of the body consists of glands that are responsible for the production of hormones. The pituitary gland sends messages to the testicles that testosterone is needed. During puberty, it helps men to develop male attributes like a deeper voice, beard and body hair. It also controls sexual drive and muscle mass. As early as seven days after birth, testosterone helps to the male genitals and allows the penis to grow. With the steady flow of testosterone at puberty, the body can create a fresh supply of sperm daily.

It also plays a huge role in the development of bulk muscles and strength that are usually lucking in women. And increases neurotransmitters which increase the growth of tissues. It also increases the levels of growth hormones and thus increasing the muscles a man is likely to gain from regular exercises. As man transitions from childhood to adulthood, hair growth to the face and genitals is spiked. When there are low testosterone levels in the body, a man may, therefore, experience hair loss.

Other symptoms include:


There are numerous things that cause low testosterone in men. They include:

Certain medications may also cause low testosterone


A blood test is the best indicator of low testosterone. However, your doctor will need to do several tests. Usually, the normal range of testosterone level is 300 ng/dl to 1000 ng/dl. The levels will vary from day to day depending on your activity level. Since the highest levels of testosterone in a man’s body are seen in the morning, your doctor will need you to go in for a test in the morning. The physical diagnosis will include:

Your medical health will also be looked at. In addition, your doctor will need to do an MRI if they think you may be having tumors. The will also need to conduct a genetic study to find out whether people in your family also experience low testosterone at certain times of their lives. A hormone test will also be necessary if the doctor suspects pituitary abnormalities.

Tips - Low Testosterone Treatment

There are several ways that a man can increase hormone level. If you have low testosterone symptoms, you have to make an appointment with your doctor. Here are a few things you can do to improve your condition.


Once you shed a couple of pounds. Your testosterone levels are going to get back on track since statistics show that overweight men have lower testosterone levels.


This is by far the most effective way to ensure that your testosterone levels are on track. You will need to get a blood test that will measure the levels of the hormone in your body. In this therapy, a patient takes an artificial version of the hormone either in a gel that is applied under the armpits, scrotum or in the shoulders daily; a patch that is put on the scrotum twice a day or a solution. In some cases, it is recommended that the patient gets injections every two or three weeks. There are testosterone implants that last for up to six months.

Warnings - Consequences of Low Testosterone

It may affect every area of your body from your penis to your brain functions. Therefore the consequences of low testosterone could be more severe than just being unable to mate.


Article last time updated on 05.04.2018.

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