Quick Ways to Boost Your Energy Level


Studying is a taxing process, and it is one that can easily put you to sleep over time. If you are having trouble staying awake when you study, you may want to find a way to boost your energy so you can make it through the process. I’m not talking about popping a 5 Hour Energy and hoping you stay up that long. There are plenty of other ways to perk up without having to chug that nasty crap. Seeing that I pulled tons of all-nighters during my days as an architecture student, I figured I would share some of my secrets to staying up. Follow the tips below, and you should have enough energy to get through late night study sessions.
Power Naps
A simple 20 minute nap can provide you with as much energy as a cup of coffee. That sounds crazy, but it is true. 20 minutes is just enough time for your body to rest without falling into deep sleep. If you can sprinkle in a few power naps during your study sessions, you should be able to perk yourself up long enough to study. The sleep will also give your mind a chance to retain the information you are trying to shove in it. This is a winning situation all the way around.
Peppy Music
I type on the computer all day long, so I get really sleepy when I have to work for extended period of time. The screen just makes me drowsy, which causes me to start typing like thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. I know that this is going to happen, so I choose to listen to upbeat music to keep my mind going. The music makes me want to dance and move around, which keeps me from falling asleep at the keyboard. Find something that you like to listen to and see if it can help you stay awake.
Eat Fruit
ruit is rich in natural sugars, and those natural sugars will inevitably perk you up. If you drink soda or eat candy, you are only going to get a temporary boost of energy from the sugars in them. If you eat fruit or drink smoothies while you study, you are more likely to sustain your energy levels for long periods of time. Think about that as you go to put a snack together for yourself because the king sized Snickers bar in the cabinet may not be ideal for you.
Avoid Comfy Furniture
It is really tempting to sit in a comfortable chair while you study, but that is not going to provide you with the ideal learning setup. Comfortable furniture is going to make you tired, to the point that you may fall asleep without even knowing it. I do this sometimes in my office chair when I’m watching TV. It’s not even that comfortable, but it makes me really sleepy really quickly. Try to sit in something that will keep you alert and focused. That way you learn as much as you can in the time you have.
Final Thoughts
If you know you are tired beyond all reason, don’t try to study. Get some rest and go over the information in the morning when you have a better chance of retaining it. Otherwise you may be trying to shove more into your mind than it can handle. If you can manage to stay awake long enough to get through the study session, congratulations. Hopefully you will do well on your exam as a result of that.

Article last time updated on 29.03.2018.

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