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Australia has an ageing population. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare by 2064 there will be 9.6 million people aged over 65. While this is almost 50 years away, even now there is a strain on our aged care system and pressures on our healthcare system. This ageing population must consider new ways to age.

Aside from this, most older people say that they prefer ‘ageing in place’. There’s a host of benefits for ageing at home, or receiving in-home care, but circumstances will dictate what is possible for older Australians. Where residential care means 24-hour clinical care, suited for those who are less independent, in-home care allows people to remain at home, performing home and care duties that they can, while receiving care and support for what they need. Here’s why in-home care can be the best option and why it’s worth exploring.


Remain connected

Staying at home to age means people can stay in their local area and remain connected to loved ones. Ageing in a familiar area where routines don’t have to change can make the entire process easier. People can enjoy the fact that they can keep doing what they’ve always done, go to the local park, visit friends, and stay close to family, for example.

It also means loved ones can remain living together. Perhaps one half of a married couple was caring for the other, but now it’s not possible. Rather than one having to move to a nursing home, they can stay together while receiving in-home care from a qualified nurse through a platform like Better Caring. This online community connects those who need support to those who can provide it in the local area, helping to build strong, long-lasting relationships.


Flexible Services

One of the biggest benefits of in-home care is the flexibility of the services one can receive. Early on, a short visit every second day might be all that is required. More care services can then be gradually introduced as the person ages. Perhaps the person is capable of cooking for themselves, but needs some help showering. Specific arrangements like these are made perfectly possible with in-home care and can be changed depending on the requirements.


Choice, control and independence

Being able to stay at home means people can maintain control over their life. Maintaining independence is one of the biggest concerns for those who are ageing and in-home care is the best approach for preserving it.

Those receiving in-home care can choose the support they require, but also what they do with their day. Unlike aged care facilities, people can choose what they watch on TV, what they have for dinner, and what activities make up the day.


One-on-one time with care workers

Unlike aged care facilities, when a care worker or nurse is providing in-home care they only have one patient to think about. The older person is the sole focus of the care worker and this leads to more complete care.

Not only does this lead to more satisfaction from patients, but it also means that any health or behaviour changes can be quickly identified and effectively dealt with.


No need to sell the home

One of the down sides of entering an aged care facility is that it is often necessary to sell the family home to cover the costs of moving into the facility. In-home care is cost effective, means tested and receives government funding.

The choice and control consumers have over their care means that they can choose what’s right for them, so funds aren’t wasted on unnecessary services. Furthermore, if they need funding assistance, it is available through funding such as Consumer Directed Care. All this makes it very easy to receive care while staying in the home one has always been in.


For those looking for care options as they age, in-home care can often be one of the best. Aged care facilities alone will struggle to keep up with such a large ageing population. Australians must therefore consider alternative ways to age, outside of the traditional nursing home. In-home care provides this alternative, along with a range of benefits

Article last time updated on 24.04.2018.

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