How Pregnancy-Tests are Understood Well?


Urine and blood examinations are compulsory for getting accurate and confirmed reports of pregnancy. Urine-tests can be done at hone with great comfort but blood-tests need to be conducted only at private-clinics.

Pregnancy-tests have now become an easy affair with the introduction of advanced technology. Two important tests are involved in this respect and they are blood and urine tests. These tests are mainly conducted for detecting HCG’s presence.

HCG is a hormone which remains highly responsible for pregnancy in women. Both these tests also help in detecting all possible pregnancy symptoms. Private blood test in London is usually being conducted in order to detect the existence and count of HCG-hormone.

Urine tests:

Both clinical and home-based urine-tests exist. You can try out either any of them or else can try-out both of them for rigid conformation of pregnancy.

Online-based midstream urine-tests:

You can now get your pregnancy-tests done online but you have to follow the demonstrations and instructions well.

When these tests are needed?

At least one-day after your missed-periods should be waited for making urine-tests. Two-weeks post-conception is the best timing.

How can urine-tests be accurately made?

Urine-tests are nothing but pregnancy-tests at home and these tests are approximately 99-percent accurate. But this percentage is being maintained only when the tests have been correctly conducted without any errors. Some major advantages of these tests are faster results, easy testing method, privacy maintenance, lower cost, easy usage and tests done at home.

Blood tests:

Two primary blood-test types for detecting pregnancy are qualitative and quantitative blood-tests. These tests can be conducted smoothly only at blood test clinic only. No home-based kit can help in completing these tests. Qualitative-tests can help you knowing that whether you have conceived or not. Quantitative one helps in knowing the accurate measurement of HCG’s exact amount within blood.

Primary advantages:


FAQ about pregnancy-tests:

  1. What to do when home-pregnancy tests are positive? When HCG-hormone’s existence is being detected correctly then only positive result will come. This means that within uterine-lining egg has already being implanted.
  2. What to do when home-pregnancy tests are negative? Negative-result might occur when your test has been wrongly done, when pregnancy is wrongly doubted or when the test has been done much earlier. If HCG-hormones have not produced in sufficient quantity for pregnancy then the test-result will definitely come negative and this is quite obvious. If you fail to follow the written instructions on the test-kit then also negative result might come.
  3. When to conduct home-pregnancy tests? Missing period is a leading indication of pregnancy and thus you should go for a home-based pregnancy-test as soon as you miss your period. Fourteen-days before conception is the accurate time for conducting these tests.
  4. What to do when multiple home-pregnancy tests give varied answers? In case you receive varied answers with multiple-time pregnancy-tests at home then you are string suggested going for a blood-test under clinical-setting in order to get accurate answer.   

Private gynecology clinic in London is now catering you best offers over both blood and urine examinations for pregnancy-detection. You can now get some of the best gynecologists out there.

Article last time updated on 29.01.2018.

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