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It is a huge task for healthcare organizations to manually monitor employee’s license and certification status. The manual system could lead to serious implications, especially when the monitoring program fails to detect the requirements, newly sanctioned individuals, or even the renewal dates for employees.This could result in an organization falling out of compliance with regulators and receiving fines and penalties, or even experiencing a shortage of staff due to many unlicensed individual employees.


Since licensing data has become a big issue in the industry, the leading healthcare organizations are now moving away from monitoring licensing renewals manually, in order to protect themselves against employing sanctioned or unlicensed individuals. They are now adopting the the automated and integrated medical license data monitoring solutions which can help them maintain compliance, and also have a solution to the provision of continual coverage throughout the year. Companies like MedPro Systems have requirements for the bulk HCP license validation that will give your organization solutions for license monitoring.


The Automated License Tracking Tool

This tracking tool will help you in the process of monitoring the issues of employee’s license. With this automated system, all the current information concerning the licenses are consolidated in one place and can be easily accessed on demand. This helps the human resource employees receive automated notifications in case they need to resolve any licensing issue, as compared to relying on memory or manual calendars.


The Advanced-notice Renewal Alerts

It’s a good idea to look for a monitoring system that will automatically notify the administrator at weekly or monthly intervals, reminding them of renewal deadlines. Sending a reminder in advance will give the staff members enough time to acquire all their continuing education and exam requirements, which will help in keeping the compliance of the organization.


Detailed Requirements

One of the advantages of an automated system is that it can store particularly detailed information about any tests or the continuing education credits that are required for renewing the license of an individual employee. As a monitoring system, it can also keep the detailed step-by-step license renewal instructions, and even the contact information of the licensing and testing authorities. This makes it easy to share requirements and renewal steps with the staff of your health organization, and avoids putting the organization at risk, which may come as a result of not doing an employee’s renewal on time.


Historical Views and Reports

A system that provides historical views and reports about all the licensing work that has been completed for each employee, is incredibly beneficial for just about any organization. It helps the human resource office, and the administrators in observing how the license monitoring program is working. They can use this data to make vital changes to workflow. Also, in the event of auditing, the reports and historical views can help in providing a trail of monitoring actions to federal regulators.


The above are the healthcare licensing data solutions that the leading organizations have currently adopted so as to avoid the serious issues of compliance, and stay ahead of federal regulations.

Article last time updated on 01.03.2018.

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