PR: Cervical Biopsy And Pregnancy


Is it worth that risk?

There are many discussions about the cervical biopsy during pregnancy. Usually this type of diagnostics is appointed by gynecologists only on serious reason. This reason is the suspicion on some oncology disease in a patient. The tissues of the uterus must undergo a thorough analysis to determine the clinical picture. There is a popular meaning among doctors that only women who have already gone through labor may undergo it and certainly, it is forbidden to the patients expecting a baby.

A pregnant women undergoes plenty of different analyses. Among them are those which are necessary for every pregnant woman and some individual ones in case if the doctor has suspicions. The cervical biopsy is appointed if there are reasons to think about some pathological processes in the uterus. Still, it is rather an unwanted procedure during the pregnancy.

How does the cervical biopsy perform? The cervix is forced to protrude and it is actually traumatized by taking the examples of tissues for the examination. Of course, the uterus will react on this traumatization. It will constrict and there is a big chance of the pregnancy miscarriage.

However, sometimes the reasons for this appointment are quite serious. If there is a cancer diagnosed, sometimes it is required to get rid of the pregnancy to save a woman’s life. Nevertheless, if the situation is not that dangerous, it is better to start treatment after the labor. The earlier stages of cancer usually allows a woman to carry the pregnancy and undergo labor.

If there is an appointment of cervical biopsy in a pregnant woman, perhaps there can be the other way. It will be better to consult some more specialists or undergo additional analyses. If the reason is erosion or dysplasia, there is no emergency in doing biopsy. It can wait until the labor. Sometimes erosion just passes after it, so do not hurry with decisions.

Article last time updated on 17.05.2018.

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