PR: 3D-Technologies In Osseous Surgery


3D-printed bone grafts for future

There are many cases in medicine when a patient needs bone grafting. It may concern not only bone grafting for dental implants that can be successful set up only in case where enough bone tissue volume is present. Also bone impants are used in treating locomotor apparatus diseases and bone reconstructions. Nowadays there are four types of implants used for these purposes. A person can be his own bone donor – the missing bone tissue can be taken from his own body where the amount allows doing this. If there is no such possibility, other people may become bone donors. There are special programs that allows donating your body on such purposes after death.

But the bone tissue grafts can be taken not only from people. The cattle bones can also be used for implantation. They undergo multiple stages of sterilization to fit for human organism perfectly. Also there exist artificial bone grafts, but they are considered to be the least effective among all of them.

Now the scientists are working on the possibility to use 3D-thecnologies in creating the bone grafting materials. In John Hopkins University (USA) the mix of 30% natural de-cellulosed bone and 70% polymer was invented and tested.  3D-printing is known to reproduce the 3D-structures’ exact copies with full similarity on the thinnest levels. They combined bio-degrading plastic with natural sterilized bone and received good results allowing hopeful prognoses for future.

The scientists of Quebec University used 3D-technologies to print experimental mixes that have such important quality as ability to yield. Hard grafts lead to misbalance of jaws’ work and the wit the yielding grafts balancing abilities will be better. It will help avoid the bone resorption process. In addition, the anti-corrosion qualities of the invented mixes are excellent. It is believed to have very good perspectives for the wide usage in traumatology, spine medicine and orthopedics. 

Article last time updated on 18.12.2017.

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