Liquid in the knee

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Why does the liquid in the knee gather and how can it be treated without medication

Modern medicine is dealing with the plenty of cases when the synovial liquid is gathering inside the knee joint.  If the symptoms of disease are ignored and the measures aren’t taken, it can become a reason of the motor dysfunction. Synovial surface surrounds the bone joint and muscle tendon in the knee and serves to limit the mobility of this connection and to protect it from possible damage. The epithelial cells of this surface’s inner layer produce special liquid that serves to lubricate the gristles contacting while performing the process of movement and protecting them from being damaged in this process. In addition, it softens some inner strikes on the knee.

Why does this liquid begun to gather inside the knee? The reason is an inflammation process in the synovial surface. The reasons of it can be various. Among the most wide-spread of them are:

  1. Aseptic inflammation. This type of inflammation does not appear because of any pathogenic bacteria or purulent extractions. It may occur because of the knee trauma or become a complication after some viral infection while overcooling the knee. Sometimes it can be caused by gathering of the metabolism products in the knee.
  2. Purulent inflammation. It is a result of getting of the pathogenic microorganisms into the knee and their multiplication. Often it occurs after the heavy traumas of the knee.
  3. Immunity inflammation. It happens because of the excessive extraction of synovial liquid. Pathological immunity complexes damage the epithelium.

What are the main symptoms of liquid in a patient’s knee?

  1. The increasing of the knee size.
  2. Bound motor function – feeling difficulties during the attempts of bending the knee.
  3. An intumescence on the knee that feels elastic and stiff.
  4. Knee pain during the movements.
  5. Reddening of the skin or feeling it hot.

The different types of inflammations require different ways of treatment.  Knee pain doctor will perform the diagnostic, determine the etymology of disease and appoint the suitable treatment strategy. Sometimes the disease can be treated without medication, for example, with the help of physical therapy Brooklyn. Influence of cold or hot temperature will have positive influence on the knee.

Article last time updated on 14.12.2017.

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