Hirudotherapy - Positive Effects


  1. If you consult Essays Professors, you will get to know that leech therapy is used and helpful in:
  2. In varocise veins to draw blood from deeper tissues.
  3. Chronic skin diseases like scabies, psoriasis, eczematous dermatitis, chronic ulcers, ring worms, reddish freckles and favus.
  4. Phlebitis and thrombotic (blood clotting) conditions.
  5. To decrease the blood viscosity, useful in coronary artery thrombosis, and ischemic heart disease.
  6. In preventing post-surgical blood clotting. Helpful in re-attachment of severed extremities like fingers, toes and ears.
  7. For relief of pain and to reduce inflammation in diseases like osteoarthritis.
  8. In the treatment of asthma, acute rhino pharyngitis and spasmodic coryza for mucolytic action of saliva.
  9. Treatment of sublingual haematoma and massive lingual haematoma.
  10. Usage of leeches in gum diseases. For example, the direct application of 3-4 leeches can be a successful remedy for abscess and inflammation.
  11. Treatment of hypertension, migraines, phlebitis, varicose veins, arthritis, haemorrhoids, and ovarian cysts.

Article last time updated on 14.12.2017.

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