PR: Eating Fish Maintains A Healthy Heart


Why do the inhabitants of shore areas suffer from cardiovasular diseases less than others? The answer is simple!

The Harvard Health School scientists determined that people with diabetes who eat fish 5 times a week have 65% less risk of having cardiovascular diseases comparing with those who do not eat it at all. Even those who eat fish dishes 1-2 times a week have less chances of having ischemia (40%). These numbers are big enough to make a conclusion that fish is one of the most useful products for heart health and if consumed regularly, significantly lower the risk of developing heart diseases. The most useful fish is the one that has dark meat.

What’s the secret? The answer is simple - fat acids Omega-3. This substance is known by scientists and health specialists as the one that resists the atherosclerosis development effectively. The risk of having heart attack and the consequences of the atherosclerotic damage of vessels are also much lower. In the end of 80s, Dutch scientists found an answer, why do the inhabitants of Greenland have such a low level of cardiovascular diseases. The reason is the presence of a great amount of sea products containing a lot of Omega-3.  The same with the inhabitants of shore areas of Japan and Netherlands.

However, Omega-3 is not the only one useful substance that contains in fish. Actually, it is a treasure of minerals. For example, fish is rich with iodine that lowers the cholesterol level and with manganese that increases the insulin production – the hormone of pancreas that reduces the glucose level in blood.

There is one undoubted bonus also – fish contains fewer substances that give flavor to food and increase the appetite. The excess of such substances as, for example, in meat broth, provokes the atherosclerosis development. This is very important for the proper weight management. Overeating provokes obesity which is known to be harmful for various organism systems including cardiovascular. That is why fish is a perfect diet product. Fresh fish saves more elements that are useful and is healthier than frozen or cooled product. 


Article last time updated on 17.05.2018.

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