All You Need to Know About Dental Implants


You might wonder for the solution of your missing teeth if you have never consulted a dentist.

You might wonder for the solution of your missing teeth if you have never consulted a dentist. Whether it is a requirement to find an emergency dentist in Indianapolis or just an old accident making you hide your beautiful smile, a dental implant can make you fully confident to smile wide.

Well, what could be the better option to replace missing teeth? The only answer is a dental implant. And what could be better than a dental implant? The natural tooth. But can a dental implant be as perfect as a natural tooth? Yes, it certainly can be. If a natural tooth is firmly anchored to the jawbone with deep roots, so does an implanted tooth. If you are curious to know about dental implants, go ahead and read more to have fundamental information about the same:

- Dental implants

The dental implant is a tiny titanium root like screw which is inserted where a tooth is missing. This metal anchor is a substitute to the lost tooth. An implanted tooth can be surgically placed into the jawbone which bonds with used material or titanium, building a strong foundation for an artificial tooth with the bone.

Small posts are attached to the implant that pokes out through the gums. The posts or screws provide stable anchors for artificial replaced teeth, dentures or partials. A dental implant helps to maintain the facial structure and prevents bone deterioration that can happen when a tooth is absent or missing.


- Types of dental implants

> Crown, a single prosthesis is used to replace one lost tooth where each prosthesis tooth is attached to its own implant.

> Fixed bridge means a partial prosthesis or a complete prosthesis. A partial prosthesis can fix two or more teeth at once with the same number of implants while a complete prosthesis can replace all the teeth of upper and lower jaw with dental implantation.

Here the number of implants depends on the type of complete prosthesis recommended which can be removable or fixed. A removable prosthesis attaches to a ball or a bar in socket attachments, while a fixed prosthesis is stuck permanently and only a dentist can remove it.

Many patients think that Dentures offer most affordable, low-cost and the best solution. Thus, they prefer to go for it which is not right. In the long run, dental implantation pays off with more advantages of a long lasting natural looking smile.

- Why you should get the dental implants

It is understandable that before you go for any health treatment, you would make sure why you need it. If you are a bit confused about why you should get the dental implants, here are the points to ponder on:

> Implantation does not just replace the missing tooth but also brings back the comfort that was lost once from chewing with a previous natural tooth.

> It gear ups the confidence and secure feeling to speak, smile and chew at social gatherings and places. Plus, you can eat all your favorite food anytime, anywhere without giving a second thought about how your face would look while chewing or biting the food.

> A trained and experienced dentist would replace, and restore your old positioned smile in the right natural way that you had lost once.

According to a general and trustworthy survey, dental implantation procedures are successful 95 percent of times. Moreover, these implants last longer in the place more than 90 percent of times. According to dentists, a dental implantation could be the last tooth replacement treatment a patient would ever receive as most of them stay there for decades of decades.

If you are looking for the pain-free dental implant from a skilled clinician, you must consider visiting to get your beautiful smile back. So go ahead, smile more often and brighter than before.


Article last time updated on 07.11.2017.

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