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When asked which period of their age they enjoyed the most, over 80% of surveyed people said the childhood days. Remember how happy and mentally relaxed you were in school days? Childhood days are meant for enjoying life without any stress. But is your child really enjoying his childhood days? Are you sure he does not need the special attention of doctors at pain center Raleigh NC? Well if he shows symptoms such as recurrent ear infections and reflux problems then it can be serious. Being overweight and less active can lead to spinal dysfunctions. Read the post till the end to learn what is most important for your child.


Why Do Children Need Chiropractic Care?

Growing is an integral part of human life. The maximum physical and mental growth happens in the early years of a person. Children encounter many physical stresses while undergoing this very normal growth. As a result some children may end up developing spinal pain that needs proper chiropractic care.

While many people would think that the disorders may develop in children because of improper diet and lack of nutrition, the earliest challenges a child’s spine faces in his mother’s womb only. Many mothers would be familiar with the fetal positions that cause labor problems. What is less known is that the positions like brow, breech, posterior, transverse etc. can take a toll on the baby’s spine too.

Medical experts of spinal pain treatment Cary tell that newborn babies suffer with problems such as colic, reflux, sleep disturbances, allergic reactions, breastfeeding difficulties and chronic infections. These problems often have their roots in nervous system irritation caused by spinal misalignments.

The above situations are created even before birth of the kids but the trauma on their spine is not restricted to this. In their early years of birth they get exposed to falls, playground injuries , heavy school bags and long sitting hours in school that stress out their spine.

At a chiropractic center your child’s health and complaints will be registered. This will be followed by a complete physical examination of your child’s spine to evaluate the spinal problems. Chiropractic care is tailored according not only to the degree of the spinal misalignment but also the gender and the age. Children cannot of course be treated like adults.





Article last time updated on 22.11.2017.

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