When going to the cinema is just as painless as the dentist

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Hands up everyone who has avoided going to the dentist because they were worried about the pain that they were going to have to experience? If we are right, then that is pretty much everyone. It is hard to find someone who has not avoided seeing a medical professional because they are worried about what they may say, but it is only dentists that people worry about what they may do! The years of fillings that people have experienced, the horror stories that they have heard from other people hearing the drill going right by their ear, and the pain and agony that people feel afterwards . . . that is more than enough to convince most people that they are better off staying at home rather than going to a dentist for help.

The idea that you could experience painless fillings and tooth restorations is just unheard of, and even many dentists do not believe that it is possible! However, there are a small number of dentists who have access to a very new type of technology and treatment that is starting to challenge the way that we think about dentists, fillings, and pain. They are developing different ways to treat their patients that do not compromise on the quality of care that they receive, but at the same time does not give their patients such a headache and such agony that they have typically been experiencing. In fact, it is believed by some dentists that in a few months, not years, it will be possible to go to the dentist to have a filling and it be just as painless as going to the cinema.

This is truly revolutionary stuff, and many of them are starting to pull this off. It is a remarkable bit of research and development and offering painless fillings and tooth restorations to patients is starting to become a natural thing at these dental practices, rather than something strange and bizarre. We are here to witness a true change in the way that dentistry works and operates, and what is strange is that most people have absolutely no idea that this is happening. That means that they are not asking their dentists about painless fillings and tooth restorations and so they have having to endure absolute agony when it comes to having their treatment – and only because they are not aware of being able to ask for an alternative!

The dentists who are pioneering painless fillings and tooth restorations are not shouting about this either, but for a very different reason: they are already so overwhelmed with patients who do not want to undergo agony and would rather than a completely painless filling that they simply do not have enough space on their books to fit on more patients! It is a bizarre thought, especially for most dentists who are desperate to be able to find new patients that they can encourage to come to their dental clinic, but that is the power of the painless filling. Many people are happy to pay extra for the lack of pain, and this means that dentists who offer this sort of treatment are completely inundated with patients and see no need to advertise the reason that they are so popular!

If you are a person who has desperately avoided going to see a dentist for a very long time because you have been worried about getting a painful filling then now is the time to start talking to your dentist about painless fillings and tooth restorations and whether that is something that they can offer you.  

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Article last time updated on 07.07.2017.

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