PR: Hollywood health fads – are they worth it?

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One of the most fascinating things that you can do is to watch Hollywood. No, not the films that they produce – although many of them are truly outstanding and very impressive. No, we mean the people themselves. The people that make up Hollywood. It is almost impossible to avoid them in many cases because they have their lives splashed across newspapers and studied in magazines, but if you start to pay close attention you can start to realize something that may surprise you: almost every single thing that you believe is popular because it is good for you, or cheap, or clever, is not actually popular because of that reason at all. It is all because someone in Hollywood tried it and loved it first, and then it starts to spread like wildfire.

It is a little depressing after a while, because it is astonishing just how many things start off as a Hollywood fad and then very quickly make that transition to general and worldwide popularity before you even know it. You would like to think many of our health fads in particular come from someone who really has expertise in the matter – perhaps a doctor or a dentist, or some other kind of health professional. But believe it or not, most of the time the reason that you brush your teeth with that particular kind of toothpaste or do that kind of yoga every morning for flexibility is not because it has been recommended by someone who has a medical degree. It is because someone in Hollywood has been doing it, the newspaper realized and started talking about it, and now everyone thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread!

However, that is not to say that there is not a beneficial side to this. Many health professionals will tell you that it is often very difficult to encourage people to do the right thing for their health and for their bodies, and sometimes the fact that a famous person has been doing it is enough to encourage someone to do the right thing for their body themselves. The ends sometimes justify the means if you are able to encourage someone towards a much better state of health, even if they are only doing it because a famous person does it. This may sound a little patronizing and it is certainly not the first port of call for any health professional, doctor, dentist, or otherwise – but if that is what is needed to ensure that a person is healthy, then it is worth doing.

One great example of this is the holistic dental clinic which is a type of dental practice that probably would never have seen the light of day if celebrities did not start taking their dental health seriously. Unlike a normal dentist a holistic dental clinic considers the body as a whole rather than just focusing on the one part of the body, like the mouth and teeth. By examining the body as a whole, it is possible to gain a greater understanding of why certain things are happening to the patient, things that would have been missed if the entire body was not taken into account. After all, when you go to a doctor they examine every part of you? Why wouldn’t a dentist do the same?

Hollywood may have a lot to answer for in some respects, but in many ways the celebrities there are inadvertently encouraging people to consider their own health, and perhaps to take it a little more seriously than they would have done – and in our minds, that can only be a good thing.


Article last time updated on 07.07.2017.

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