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It is strange to think that fifty years ago, plastic surgery was not something that was expected to happen in Hollywood. All of that changed of course throughout the end of the seventies and into the eighties, and by the nineties it was almost strange if you participated in films and music if you had not had plastic surgery! It has been a troubled relationship, and one that has certainly had its ups and downs over the years as different kinds of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery have gone in and out of favor, but now many of the people who live and work in the area of Hollywood are starting to take back control, and decide how they want to have plastic surgery on their own terms. So let’s start at the very beginning: why does Hollywood have such a connection to plastic surgery?

The answer to that question is sadly very simple: many people who live in that area work in industries that are only interested in them when they are young – or when they look young. So many starlets that were popular in their teens and twenties used to fall out of favor by the time that they hit their thirties, and the idea that an actor’s career could last into his sixties was just unheard of. Naturally this has changed slightly in today’s modern world, but it is still true that many people are told that they are too old to play a part when actually, for that character, they are exactly the right age! This can prove to be very frustrating for people who are passionate about performing as a career because it seems to cut it short just as they are starting to really get their teeth into the material.

So what are people in Hollywood doing in order to fight back? Well, surprisingly they are not deciding to turn their back on the plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery industry, but they are instead realizing that if you cannot beat them, you can join them! Many are starting to learn to inject botulinum toxins which is a key element of Botox, and by doing so they can set up their own practice and decide who they want to treat, and how. Students who want to learn to inject botulinum toxins can often attend these classes in the evenings or even online so that they do not interfere with their current career paths, and when they have become qualified to be able to give Botox injections, they are then able to increase their streams of income so that they are not completely dependent on the next film coming along.

It is not overtly difficult to learn to inject botulinum toxins, but you do need to be committed to the training as you have to pass certain certification classes. There are more people who live in and around Hollywood right now that can perform Botox and other kinds of plastic surgery than ever before, and this number is just rising and rising. Being able to take back control has become very important to people and there is no knowing what they could do next – perhaps chemical peels, or facelifts are going to become the new learning fashion. All we know is that the strange and delicate relationship that Hollywood has with plastic surgery is not disappearing, just changing, and it is going to be fascinating to see where it goes next. Perhaps you are going to learn to inject botulinum toxins in Hollywood? Let us know all about it in the comments below!

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Article last time updated on 10.07.2017.

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