When a trip in rehab just isn’t enough

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Forty years ago, the idea of ‘going into rehab’ was not a phrase that was commonly understood. No one really got what it was talking about because so few people were open about the problems –mental, emotional, and substance that they were struggling with. Admitting that you had to go rehab meant admitting that you had a problem, and that was something rarely done at the latter end of the Hollywood age, when celebrities were supposed to be golden, perfect, and never putting a step wrong. The idea that a celebrity in the 1960s and 1970s may need help in this way was completely unthinkable, and in many ways they just did not have the same problems that normal people had. Or so the majority of us thought.

That of course soon changed. Through the 90s however the idea started to become more popular, in part because so many celebrities announced the fact that they were going into rehab at press conferences and to their adoring fans. It almost seemed to be a competition between these celebrities – from musicians to actors to everything in between – to see how many times they could go into rehab in the space of one year, which for some of them turned out to be quite a few times. The trouble is that some rehabs were not entirely set up for helping their residents to acclimatize to the outside world, and that made it very difficult for them to stay clean once they are released.

But now that we are in the twenty first century, the idea of what rehab is has changed again. Not merely the simple place where a person can go in order to receive support for the challenges that they are experiencing in their lives, many rehabs are opening up that offer a different kind of detox for celebrities, and their fandom alike. Instead of helping them to rid their bodies of the dependency on alcohol, drugs, or sex, detox rehabs are all about centering the body into healthy habits, and removing all of the toxins and chemicals that are bad for the body – and that have built up over the years due to bad lifestyle choices. Whether from food, drink, alcohol, smoking, or just the general polluted atmosphere that we spend a huge amount of time in. So now that we understand why we need to detox, what are the methods that these rehab places are using to help their inhabitants – and can you do anything of them at home?

Probably. Much of the initial detox stage is about purifying the body through hydration. Most of us are never properly hydrated, never drinking enough water throughout the day so that our body is constantly trying to catch up. Many use detoxification patches to remove the impurities from our bodies through using the natural systems in our bodies. Although you would not think detoxification patches could do a huge amount, due to their natural connection to our kidneys and liver, they are actually incredibly impressive and many rehab centers are dependent on detoxification patches to help their inhabitants to reduce the amount of toxins within the body. Almost none of us have a completely healthy body because it cannot rid itself of the impurities and so it constantly runs on empty, so after using the detoxification patches it can start to get back on a level footing again.

Rehabs have certainly changed a lot over the last few years, and though there’s no telling where they will go in the future, it is almost certain that they will use detoxification patches to help their patients.

Source: http://bodypure.us

Article last time updated on 10.07.2017.

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