Modern science may be contributory to today’s mental health epidemic


m_1499096914.jpgWe as humans have an understanding of the fact that we are living computers and consequently we refer to the human machine and talk about DNA codes and genetic code and so on. Well a coded system is cast in stone and can only be changed correctly by the programmer who has access to the script. Modern science purports to actually give us the ability to change the natural without access to the actual code contrary to the way coded structures operate. This is obviously untrue, a figment of our human imagination and purely an evidence of human mental distress and chaos. For example, when we as humans look up into the sky we see only luminous bodies i.e., the sun, moon and stars. This is what our user manual, which we call the Scriptures or the Bible tells us is in the sky. Consequently, only luminous bodies can naturally be in the expanse we call the sky or space. We are told in our manual and it is evident that the bodies of light are provided to give light to the earth. Meaning that our personal human computer bodies receive their ability to perform as humans from these light beings in the sky.

Just as we have redundancy in the computer systems developed by humans to ensure the system operates properly, so the natural systems need redundancy, which is why the human brain has a lot of redundancy. Natural systems are infinitesimal times more complex than any human mind can fathom. Therefore, Just as the ability to kill or steal does not authorize us to do these things, the ability to talk and reason does not authorize us to name stars and lie about the world around us or go on space travels that result in climate change and other catastrophic events on the earth. When we go on space travel we introduce chemicals into space not coded to be there and so we have space sickness and disease just as genetically modified foods result in sickness and diseases in our bodies. Space sickness is transmitted to the earth in the form of climate change, environmental pollution, light pollution and so on.

We fail to understand that we are coded beings dwelling in a coded environment and consequently any attempt to try to force our imaginary truth into the systems will only create chaos. Even if we stop using petroleum and cease gas emissions, if we do not stop space travel we will continue to damage the outer environment with self destructive consequences for our actions. We have a freedom to choose our actions but the consequences are coded and cast in stone. Our inability to stay within authorized boundaries as specified in our user manual results in malfunction and our inability to take the right decision. This is all food for thoughts The chaos we all see in our world today is a direct consequence of foolish actions we as humans have chosen or allowed to be chosen for us by the various governments we have hired to take care of our collective affairs. The government reflect the people for governments are made up of individuals who reside in the geographical space they govern.

They manifest our collective will. And the ace writers presume, consequently we are bound by their actions as we collude with them by our spinning their actions as good out of national pride and fail to remember that the user manual says that we are not coded for pride but for humility. This is another food for thoughts. Everyone is worried about the chaos on earth but no one is ready to turn back from the actions responsible for this chaos. This is another food for thoughts. Instead of stopping our offensive actions that are destroying the natural world around us we choose to justify them and then wonder why everything is going wrong and the health of nature is deteriorating and becoming more difficult for humans to dwell in. This is another food for thoughts

The human brain and the heart that operates it need nature to be uncontaminated to function properly. Our collective mental health will therefore depend on our collective decision to operate in truth and as coded. Here I rest my case for the moment to allow us to take a deep breath and choose to take the right collective actions necessary to reverse the current tide.

Article last time updated on 11.07.2017.

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