PR: From Ouch To Wow!! 6 Amazing Tips To Relieve Pain Of Sciatica


Sciatica comes with biting and shooting pain. The pain in sciatic nerve is caused due to injury, slipped disc or pinched nerve. This is also experienced by pregnant women suffering pressure and people with poor postures. The Sciatic pain is not limited to back but extends up to buttock and down the back side of the leg. It is important to seek medical help for Sciatica treatment Raleigh and use the below mentioned tricks to sooth the pain and reduce inflammation.


  1. MASSAGE- Giving massage to the affected areas like back, buttock and entire leg can relieve the pain. Due to better blood circulation the built-up of muscle tension is loosen up and inflammation is reduced.

  2. HOT AND COLD THERAPY- It is a wonderful therapy that has been working very well on people suffering from sciatica pain. Start by applying ice packs on the affected area followed with the application of hot water bag to soothe the muscle pain and decrease the inflammation.

  3. PAIN KILLERS- Some pain killers are very effective in alleviating Sciatica pain but instead of taking over the counter medicines you should consult the doctors of chronic pain management North Carolina. These pain relievers work to eliminate the inflammation and reduce the sharp pain. Medical prescriptions may also include muscle relaxants, higher dose pain killers and anti-depressants which encourage the endorphin secretion.

  4. ACUPUNCTURE- This Chinese tradition to insert small needles on some pressure points and joints give success to ease pain and inflammation. They work well on the painful muscle spasms caused by sciatica.  

  5. EXERCISES- Routine exercise schedule keep you flexible and stretching make the blood circulation better. Stretching exercises are also good for promoting flexibility, and improving core strength.  

  6. TOPICAL OINTMENTS- Some people prefer applying ointments to relax the muscle spasm instead of oral inception of pain killers. Pain relieving gels block pain receptors and relaxes stiff muscles.

Adopting good habits like active lifestyle and healthy food is advised for a pain


Article last time updated on 02.06.2017.

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