4 Reasons Why Medical Professionals Should Have a Website


Medical professionals should not overlook the need to have a personal website of their own. The number of medical related queries are rising on Google and doctors should understand the need to reach the patients online when they need them.


It has been found that most of the medical professionals like physicians, dentists, cardiologists, physiotherapists etc. ignore the need to have a website of their own. Nowadays people work from anywhere and access healthcare software such as Horizon Practice Plus, eClinical Works' Practice Management etc. on any device with a virtual cloud desktop by CloudDesktopOnline.com. For hosted Microsoft applications such as Exchange, Sharepoint, Dynamics CRM, Project Server and more people opt for Apps4Rent


With the surge in digital devices, patients and doctors are getting connected online. 

Having a website not only helps the patients to easily locate the availability of the doctor but it also helps to book an appointment beforehand.


People are busy searching for hospitals and clinics on their smartphones and if your clinic is not listed on Google then your competitors will easily get all the patient referrals. Nowadays, it is easy to get a professionally designed website in Singapore. You can simply hire a specialized designer and get your own mobile friendly website.


Here are the top 5 reasons, why medical professionals should have a website:


1- Better Online Visibility


Having your own personalized website will help it to rank on the search engines when the patients are searching for information about your clinic. This will help the patients to easily locate the hospital and they can visit easily.


People prefer to search for local hospitals when there is an emergency. If you do not have a website of your own then it won’t show up in the Google search results even though you have a physical address of your hospital unless listed in any other online directory.


Hence, it is extremely necessary to have a website for enhanced online visibility in order to help the patients easily locate your address.


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2- Increased Customer Reviews


People trust customer reviews. Word of mouth referrals are the greatest form of referrals available in the market today.


Nowadays, people do not visit doctors who have negative customer reviews. Poor reviews damages the online reputation of a doctor and this results in decreased patient referrals.


Having a website gives an opportunity to your existing patients to leave a review about their experience to the recent visit to your clinic. If you offer good services then patients will love to share positive experiences about you and this will get reflected online.


Having positive online reputation will bring in more patients to your hospital as people will trust what others say about you.


3- Utilization of Online Marketing


A website is an online property which can be promoted with the help of online marketing. Digital marketing comprises of several channels like SEO, PPC, Social Media, Mobile marketing etc. Among these, SEO is the most affordable and the best solution to have a solid online visibility.


If you have a website then you can hire any expert search engine optimizer to promote your website so that you start getting patient referrals directly from Google.


4- Engaging with the Patients via Forums and Blogs


Patients love to remain connected with fellow patients. A website will give you the opportunity to create forums and blogs where patients can share their questions and sought answers for them. In return, you can answer them yourself when you have time else most of the times it has been seen that other patients help to solve the query of another patient. Such is the power of online community.


Having an online community will increase your chances of ranking on Google for several keywords, thereby increasing the amount of Google referred traffic and greater chances of conversion.


Having a website is extremely critical for business success. Medical professionals should definitely opt for a website in order to increase the number of patient referrals online.


Article last time updated on 27.12.2017.

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