PR: Hip joint: sleeve versus endoprosthesis


People with hip osteoarthritis often suffer from severe pain and only an endoprosthesis implantation can provide relief. This involves a major intervention and long-term rehabilitation because the implant requires the removal of a section of the thigh bone. The "MioHIP" research project looks for an elastic alternative.

The project partners develop a sleeve, which is meant to act as a cushion in the hip joint. In this interview with, Dr. Josef Jansen details the advantages of this sleeve, talks about the role of the right synthetic material and how this intervention differs from a prosthetic implant.

Dr. Jansen, what is the objective of the "MioHIP" project?

Dr. Josef Jansen: Our goal is to delay or ultimately maybe even entirely avoid endoprosthesis implantation in patients suffering from hip osteoarthritis. Based on the current state of orthopedic medicine, this pertains to patients with osteoarthritis in the moderate or late stage. We want to achieve this goal by developing a sleeve that can be slipped over the femoral head to balance the abraded, damaged cartilage. ...

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Article last time updated on 10.04.2017.

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