Can't Feel My Face


Strokes aren’t funny. They cause untold suffering, disability, and death on a massive scale each year. Having personally lost both of my grandmothers to stroke at relatively young ages, this issue is deadly serious to me.

"Can't Feel My Face" (Adapted from The Weeknd) by ZDoggMD

Apart from preventing a stroke in the first place (that is, controlling diabetes, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, stress, heart arrhythmias, etc.), recognizing the signs of stroke early is the best hope of saving brain cells — and lives.

But a survey done by UCLA Medical Center showed a ludicrous 73% of folks under 45 wouldn’t seek attention immediately for stroke symptoms, instead electing to wait it out to see if they got better. This despite data showing that hospitalizations for stroke in this younger population have jumped by over 50% since the 1990’s. Worse still, if you can’t recognize the symptoms in yourself, what hope do you have of recognizing and acting on the symptoms in someone else?

Enter The Weeknd. His song “Can’t Feel My Face” pretty much makes every single healthcare provider think of stroke anyways, so why not use it as a vehicle to raise awareness of the symptoms? (The original, after all, is allegedly about cocaine…)

The best part? Pretty much everyone who appears in this video works in healthcare: nurses, stroke coordinators, EMS students and instructors. Share it proudly and save lives!

This video was made possible by the generous support of The Carpenter Foundation, the heart of helping those in need. Since 2003 they’ve been actively seeking solutions and focusing efforts on educational programs that directly promote comfort and dignity in our communities. The Foundation was developed by The Carpenter Health Network, providing services to help patients and families feel comfortable and right at home, no matter what stage of illness or injury they’re facing.


Based on Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd.

Lyrics and vocals by ZDoggMD (AKA Dr. Zubin Damania)

Audio engineering by Devin Moore (who also plays cell-phone throwing drink stealing bar patron)

Video production by Variables of Light, Las Vegas.

Ladies In Da Club

EMS Crew

Film Crew


Article last time updated on 26.01.2017.

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