I’m a doctor. I’m on Medicaid. I work as a waitress.


I just received this letter from a physician in the Unites States of America: "Like thousands of medical school graduates each year, I did not get a residency."

"Like thousands of medical school graduates each year, I did not get a residency [a residency is an additional 3+ years of medical training after 4 years of medical school and is required to get a medical license]. We might as well be lepers…I did manage to get a very part-time job in the IT department at the hospital for $10 per hour.

Funny thing is that we were launching this automated refill protocol for docs so that they would be less inundated with refill emails…the IT department thought it wasn’t sufficient to have an MA or LPN make such a decision…they said at least an RN…no one wants to do it…they are all too busy…I offered to do it and they said I don’t have a license so it will be the MA that decides whether or not to refill a script. Is there something wrong with this picture or is it just me…

Anyway I have to go back to the cafe and make my living waitressing…can’t draw blood, can’t take BP or pulse nor weight or height yet the MA can and little me with an MD and a masters from an Ivy League school is not qualified without an MA license. Not enough graduate medical education spots despite a complete physician shortage…

I have tried to go abroad and be a doc but they won’t take me. I gave up until I started working in a teaching hospital as an IT intern and I realize every second of the day that these residents are no better than me…anyway even though I would do a better job than an RN, MA or LPN…one of those 3 will be making the refill decisions for our hospital and not me…my MD has to mean something right? Nope …truth is…an MA will get this huge responsibility…bc one needs a license to do anything…and I have no license…my almost illiterate cousin is an LPN in Texas and makes 4 times what I make a year…she knows nothing and even worse she could care less to know anything more than what she absolutely must know…but she will care for patients for the next 40 years and I won’t be able to take a pulse …

My issue is that I know I am better than having to mooch off the state as I am on Medicaid and I qualify for food stamps…mostly bc my loans are so high that if my dad didn’t show mercy on me I would be homeless." 

Fact: 35,476 medical school graduates applied for the 30,750 residency positions in 2016. That’s 4,726 more doctors this year who are not permitted to take a blood pressure. 

This is a fabulous video that summarizes why all of this is happened:

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Article last time updated on 09.09.2016.

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Might I suggest a portion of those Degree'd MD's could consider serving in the US Armed Forces who provide residency as part of the "employment" and even as an enlisted medical specialist would be able to use their skills while waiting for a commission and make significantly more than $10 an hour... or was that included in the residency options listed in the 30,000+ positions???
#2 at 13.09.2016 from Paramedic Lawrence Grabinski (Physician)
Give US a kick and come to Europe, come to Poland, we have shortage of doctors. You can complete your residency here and than work as doctor.
#1 at 13.09.2016 from MD Zbigniew Wegrzyn
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