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At the ESC Congress the lecture halls are named after Cities or Italian prominences. A user wanted me to go to the „updates in sports cardiology“ and I could make it. Any lecture that deals with sports is hold in the halls Paris or Reykjavík. First speaker’s topic was called „Mandatory screening in adolescent football players“ and Gati Sabiha from London spoke about the FA and PFA’s cardiac screening programme where they screen 1400 players per year to detect cardiac pathologies. In the latest study they found "239 athlethes with cardiac pathologies and 36 with serious cardiac pathologies". Regarding the danger of e.g. Sudden cardiac death, which was the centre of Marijon’s (France) lecture, this is high number of pathologies. The future direction is that the screening tests need standarized data collection across the country and long-term follow up to gain more information. This was a very interesting lecture were people from all over the world came to hear about the latest developments in sports cardiology.

Statements of visitors

„I wanted to see my college and her lecture.“

„As I’m a Cardiologist specialized in sports medicine this was a ‚must go’ for me.“

„I came because there was a special attention on women. That’s always interesting.“

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Article last time updated on 13.10.2016.

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